Consultation on the Local Governement Boundaries Commissioner's Revised Recommendations


Local Government Boundaries Commissioner for Northern Ireland Sarah Havlin has published Revised Recommendations following extensive public consultation on her Provisional Recommendations published in July 2021. 

The Commissioner’s task is to review and make recommendations in respect of the number, boundaries and names of the 11 local government districts in Northern Ireland and the number, boundaries and names of the wards into which each district is divided, in line with the Local Government Act (Northern Ireland) 1972 (as amended).

The Commissioner's Revised Recommendations take into consideration representations received from councils, political parties, associations, organisations and individual members of the public, and in line with the statutory rules of her Review. 

The Revised Recommendations report below includes a number of new maps for the districts, based on the Commissioner’s consideration of the consultation responses received and the Assistant Commissioners’ reports for each district.

LGBC - Revised Recommendations 2021-2022 Review.pdf (

LGBC - Moltaí Leasaithe Athbhreithniú 2021-2022 (PDF 1.6 MB)

The Assistant Commissioners' reports are published on the LGBC website at:

This second stage of consultation will run for 6 weeks. The closing date for responses is 1st March 2022.

How to Respond

We are using NIDirect's Citizen Space as our primary response route for collating responses from all stakeholders who have an interest in this area.

Comments on the proposals should be made online at the Northern Ireland Hub – Citizen Space using the link below:

Respond Online

Please use the green button which will take you to the consultation. When responding, please provide the following information: your name, contact details and name of the organisation you represent (if applicable).

You can also respond by email using the email address

If you require the consultation in another format contact the LGBC office at

Consultation Responses

LGBC Revised Recommendations

The Commissioner's Revised Recommendations published on 18th January 2022 are out for public consultation ending on 1st March 2022, any responses received will be available here.

The Commissioner, supported by her Assistant Commissioners, will give consideration to all responses received.

LGBC Provisional Recommendations

The period for written responses to the Commissioner’s Provisional Recommendations closed on 21 Sept. 21.This document contains all the responses received to the consultation on the Commissioner's Provisional Recommendations through the online portal Consultation responses after close on 21 Sept. 21 (Excel 59 KB)

In addition, a number of responses were received by email:

  1. Ards and North Down - received 27 July 21
  2. General - received 3 Aug. 21
  3. General - received 4 Aug. 21
  4. Lisburn and Castlereagh - received 13 Aug. 21
  5. Belfast City Council - received 17 Sept. 21  Appendix 1 - Planning Permission Harbour Extension  
  6. Derry City and Strabane District & Causeway Coast and Glens - received 21 Sept. 21         Derry City and Strabane District - MAP.pdf         2021 (Unmarked) Derry airport Coast strip transfer to Londonderry
  7.  General.  Foras na Gaelige - received 21 Sept. 21
  8.  Belfast. Social Democratic and Labour Party - received 21 Sept. 21
  9.  Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council -  received 4 Oct. 21    
  10. Derry City and Strabane - received 10 Oct. 21
  11. Derry City and Strabane - received 13 Oct 21