Local Government Boundaries Commissioner Outlines Timetable and Process for the Review of Local District Council Boundaries

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Local Government Boundaries Commissioner Outlines Timetable and Process for the Review of Local District Council Boundaries

Local Government Boundaries Commissioner Sarah Havlin today outlined further details about her Review of the 11 District Council boundaries and the proposed timetable and process for public consultation. This includes publishing a short information video to outline the review process and highlighting why and how people can get involved. This also coincides with the start of a series of ‘Meet the Commissioner’ briefing events with council representatives from across all 11 councils.

By the end of July 2021, the Commissioner plans to publish provisional proposals, outlining any proposed changes to local government boundaries. The closing date for written submissions about these provisional proposals will be 21st September 2021. After this a series of public hearings will be held to gather further feedback and these will be subject to the relevant covid-19 public health guidance at that time. Thereafter there will be a period of analysis of the representations and public hearing reports, before the preparation of revised proposals which will again be subject to further consultation.

Speaking about the consultation plans, The Commissioner Sarah Havlin said:

“I am pleased to share more details about the process for this important review of the local government boundaries in Northern Ireland and would encourage everyone with an interest to get involved.

“Today we have also published an information video to highlight how and why people should get involved. The outcomes will inform the make-up of local government in the foreseeable future and will consider the impact of electorate changes since 2009 and other recent developments. The process is about independently ensuring electoral equality and fairness across Northern Ireland, with the aim that all the wards within a district should, as far as possible, have a similar number of electors.

“With that I mind, it’s important that we hear the views of local people and their representatives on these matters, and I would encourage people to regularly check our website and social media channels for more information on how they can have their voice heard in this process.”

Review details can be found at / or via Twitter and Facebook @LGBCNI

The information video can be viewed and downloaded here – https://vimeo.com/547966395

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